Family moving in their new house

Finding Your Inner Zen

It can be tough, especially as a stay at home mother of three, to take time out of my day to find the inner peace within me. With 2 boys and a young girl, most of my day is spent chasing them around the house, cleaning messes, making breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, and much, much more.

Family travelling by car

It seems that I can never find a break sometimes to just take a deep breath, unwind, and find the peace I know is waiting for me on my body’s inner Main Street.

After raising children and being in some of the most stressful situations of my life, I decided to give back with some various tips and tricks that I’ve felt have helped me the most when it seems like everything is going wrong and you just need a break:

  • Using the Bathroom
    • This is one moment that many take for granted. Sure, more often than not you’re only in the bathroom for less than five or so minutes. But, that’s five or so minutes to yourself. Where you can take a deep breath, let it all out, repeat your inner zen mantras to help calm down. This is one of the most overlooked, but most needed, areas of respite. And since you aren’t “gone” for a long time, the kids can’t start worming their way around the house for too long, getting into everything.


  • During a Sports Game
    • This is another moment where I love to just sit, relax, and unwind. When my kids have a sports game, or a school event, when there’s not much going on, I tend to take in my surroundings, and really spend as much time possible at full ease. Sure, I’m shouting and yelling occasionally during the games and events to encourage the kids, but in between the action, it’s always nice to sit back and relax.


  • While Making Dinner
    • Why not turn one of your most stressful parts of the day into one of the most relaxing? Get your children involved in the cooking process and you can turn dinner into a family-friendly fun event. Teach your children life skills, relax while they stir the pasta, and enjoy the peace. Many times, young children LOVE to help out around the kitchen, so they may even want to cook dinner themselves!